Lawn care

Aerating, seeding, sodding and more.


Well manicured lawns and landscapes.


Perfect stripes and patterns.


Driveways, walkways, patios and more.

Lawn care & Continued maintenance

A properly maintained lawn will remain healthy year after year. However, maintenance is not simply a matter of tossing out seeds in the fall and fertilizing each spring. Instead, it is a customized series of steps that must be conducted at the right time throughout the year.

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Providing oxygen to the soil through our AERA-vator device and process.

seeding & Sodding

Offering select seed or sod known to thrive in your particular soil and climate.

Fertilizer & Lime

Recommended applications of fertilizer and lime to achieve the correct Ph levels.

Weed, pest & Disease control

Identifying and eliminating weeds, pests, and disease that are infecting your lawn.

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lawn care

A typical lawn care program to get organics into the soil consists of a series of scheduled seedings, fertilizing and treatments. Speak with one of our specialists for more details on your lawn care program options. Below is an example of our six step cool season program for bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and tall fescue.


Round 1

Pre-emergent application

Round 2

Pre-emergent applicant/broadleaf weed controls

Round 3

Grub Control

Round 4

Summer organic fertilizer

Round 5

Fall fertilizer & over-seeding

Round 6

Late fall winterizer


Because no two jobs are the same, all prices are determined after consultations with the owner and site visits. Fill out our project request form to have one of our professionals provide detailed pricing information.

Note discounts are available for clients that select multi-year plans or when service is part of a neighborhood/POA program.

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