Advantages of Aerating

Over the course of a year, the soil in your lawn will become compacted. This will be caused by traffic, such as lawn mowers and yard activities, and from soil settling following periods of heavy rain and dryness. Compaction reduces the ability of water and nutrients to penetrate the ground and restricts root growth. The supply of oxygen, which is as important to growth as water, is constricted leading to poor growth and lawn deterioration. Aeration will:

  • Improve root growth
  • Increase the plant access to water and nutrients
  • Help improve the decomposition of thatch.
  • Increase water, nutrients and oxygen movement into the soil.
  • Increase the absorption of fertilizers, minimizing the runoff into streams and lakes.

D&P Landscaping uses a particularly effective aerating device known as the AERA-vator. The AERA-vator is designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf. It creates a core hole, without bringing the core to the surface. The AERA-vator is much more effective that competitive machines and it can be used in wet or dry soil.