We follow a systematic design and cost estimating process to make sure that we agree on a design and that it is within your budget.

  1. Meet to review your ideas, offer suggestions based on our experiences
  2. Examine and measure the site
  3. Produce concept drawings
  4. Review the construction specifications and project cost
  5. Develop a construction schedule that D and P will meet!

Before construction begins:

  1. Select and prepare site access to minimize disturbance to property and the environment
  2. Mark utility lines and locate the septic tank and drainage fields
  3. Clear the construction area of hazards and develop safety measures
  4. Construct barriers to prevent soil erosion and the run-off of any construction materials. Block possible runoff into Smith Mountain and Leesville Lakes.
  5. Lay a solid foundation, re-examining the ground conditions as we go. We pay particular attention to the foundation, the key to ensuring that the structure will be sound and maintenance free.

As we build, the customer will be invited to evaluate progress on a regular basis. We'll also point out unforeseen issues, or make modification suggestions to enhance the project. The project will be completed as scheduled