Most lawns will need some re-seeding each year. Normal wear and tear from human traffic or dead spots caused by dryness, disease or pests will need to be repaired. D&P can reseed such areas or over-seed your entire lawn.

If you are installing a brand new lawn, D and P has the expertise and equipment to contour your lot for effective drainage and to prepare the soil for the rapid growth of healthy grass. If you can't wait for a lawn to grow from seed we can lay sod in a matter of hours.

If you are a horse owner, don't forget to take care of your pasture. D and P will re-seed to ensure a full pasture for the horses.

Before planting the first seed or rolling out any sod, D and P will take soil samples to be tested for nutrient deficiencies. Corrective actions will be recommended. We will also select seed or sod known to thrive in the particular soil and climate of each unique lawn.